Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Fitness Bucket List! What's on yours?

Lately I've noticed lots of attention on Twitter and Pinterest regarding bucket lists, in particular fitness inspired lists. Seeing all of these great ideas and goals totally captured my attention and inspired me to make my own. I LOVE the concept of getting it all down on a list, goal setting and taking the steps to make it happen. There are so many things that I want to do, but the following are a few of the most important ones to me:

Run the CRIM (10 mile), Tough Mudder, run a 8k, run a half marathon, basically run MORE! - There are so many fun races that I am constantly finding more and more that I'd love to do. It's hard to narrow it down to just one or two. I had planned on running the CRIM 8k this summer but my recent foot injury might prevent that. :( Other items along the lines of this, I'd love to also run more races for causes and run a 5k in under 25 minutes.

Receive my personal trainer and CHES certification - I've yet to decide whether to go with ACE or NASM for personal training so if you have any input that would be awesome! The CHES is something that I would love to get for health education and am hoping to do this fall.

Do a triathlon! - I've always thought that this would be awesome to do and saw one this past month. The only thing really holding me back: swimming!

Go white water rafting. - Looks like so much fun, adventurous and have heard rave things about it.

Try rock climbing (non-indoor facility) - I love rock climbing indoors so super excited to do this. I've already made plans to do this over the summer in West Virginia so I can't wait! Also will notch another thing off my list while on this trip (climb a mountain) so double win!

Go paddle boarding. - Hoping to find somewhere nearby to do this over the summer. Looks really relaxing and potentially a good arm workout.

Go heli-boarding. - Terrified to do this, but so desperately want to! I love snowboarding and the extremes so this would completely satisfy it all.

Learn to box. - Learning to box would be so empowering.

Be able to do more inverted yoga poses - I've managed to do a few, but need to work on more upper body strength to get there, but will one day (soon!). This video is one of my favorites:
Amazing, right?!?!

Volunteer with Girls on the Run or a similar organization. - I love so many things about this organization. I found out about it late in my college career and was so sad I was never able to participate. The new community I have moved to doesn't have one so maybe I can help to initiate one in the area.

Motivate others to live fit and health lives. - This is incredibly important to me. I love inspiring and educating others on living and leading a healthy life. It's empowering to help people realize that they have the potential to change their lives for the better. I love that preventative health is finally coming to light and having more attention brought to it.

Aside from this list there are so many more and the list will continue to grow I'm sure. For my complete list you can check out my Pinterest board here: Fitness Bucket List. I've included on there a few that I've already completed to and hope to update it as time goes on. My completed tasks so far: Help plan a 5k, Warrior Dash, Run a 8 minute mile, indoor rock climbing.

What are a few things that are on your fitness bucket list? Do you have ones that you've already completed?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Join my #SummerOfBliss team and challenge!

The other day I came across a social workout challenge that I thought would be really fun to do with a group of people. All of the goals are attainable and having the extra support from other people may make it a bit easier when people are struggling. I know that I am one of those people that needs someone to hold me accountable for goals because it keeps me on track and in line. The goals of the challenge are:

  1. Limit the drinking of sugary beverages. No more than four sugar sweetened drinks a week. Check out this infographic to see some of the disastrous effects of sugar on the body.
  2. Log your happiness, or "level of bliss" at least once a day. Record your level at least once a day and contemplate what factors make you blissful and which make you bliss-less. This activity can help you make changed to a more positive outlook and life and help you weed out those things that drain your happiness away. 
  3. Meditation: Take 5 minutes a day. Take 5 minutes a day to disconnect and reflect. Take those 5 minutes for yourself to center yourself and get in some deep breathing exercises.
  4. Welcome in summertime by eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Substitute your not-so-savory or healthy snacks with some fresh produce. Step out of the box and try something new. You may find a new favorite. Eating Well has some great info for what a fruit serving size consists of.
  5. Log 5 workouts a week. Aim for at least 30 minutes a day for maximum health effects (assuming you've been cleared by your doctor). With summertime cruising in there are many options even if you don't have a gym membership: Run, bike, swim, hike, row a boat...anything that gets your heart pumping.
  6. Plank pose: 1 minute per day. Core strength is key and this exercise will engage all those muscles. There are variations so do the one that is best for you. Check out Tina Reale's site for 22 different variations.
The challenge starts this upcoming Monday, June 11th and ends July 8th. Four weeks towards living a healthier life and establishing new habits. could possibly win prizes too from so it's an extra bonus.

Be sure to sign up for the team HERE.  

The team name is: Love, Laugh, Live Well Body Rocker's. Once you've joined the team click on Summer Of Bliss and join the challenge from there. Starting Monday you'll begin logging your progress. If anyone has any questions be sure to let me know and we'll figure it out!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Run Because...

In case you missed it, today is....

I plan on taking a nice, long run later this evening at a new trail that we discovered at Holly Recreation Area. This area has really helped renew my running again. In recognition of today, here's a brief list of the reasons why I run. I'd love hear your reasons as well so share below! :)

I Run Because...

- It makes me feel strong.
- My health depends on it.
- It's cheaper than therapy (both psychological & retail).
- The silence is needed sometimes.
- I'd rather be sore than sorry.
- Sometimes I just need to get away from life.
- It makes me feel healthier...and happier.
- It gives me something to work towards.
- It gives me energy.
- It gives me an excuse to buy cute workout clothes.
- Some of my best ideas come while zoned out running.
- My personal best is just that: mine.
- I can participate in fun races to raise money and get covered in mud.
- I really like to eat.
- I really, really like chocolate.
- I enjoy the scenery.
- I love the endorphin rush.
- It makes my legs look fab!
- I like the one on one time with the hubby.
- It makes getting dressed in the morning so much more positive.
- It's the best way to sight see.
- There's a freedom in just getting out and running with no destination in mind.
- It gives me an excuse to take a break sometimes.
- It's a great stress reliever.
- I love crossing a finish line and the positiveness of those also running.
- It makes my heart, lungs and muscle stronger for a longer and healthier lifetime.
- It decreases my chances of cancers.
- It increases my lifespan.
- It fights obesity.
- It gives me confidence.
- I can. You never know when that could be taken away.

Are you doing anything today to celebrate National Running Day? If you need some ideas here are 10 ways to celebrate. I'd love to hear what you love about it or any goals you've set.  My next big goal: Run a 10k! There's one in late August so I'm really considering it

Are there any specific reasons that you love running? 

Friday, June 1, 2012

Product Review: Margarita Activewear!

Recently I was given the opportunity to pick out and review any item from Margarita Activewear clothing line from Let me tell you, I was super excited about this! I've been contemplating a new pair of fitted capri yoga pants for awhile now so this was perfect timing. After lots and lots of time I was finally able to narrow it down to these (there are so many to choose from it took me forever -- check the ActiveWear Website for more Margarita Activewear products).:

Margarita Activewear Capri #1004T $83.00

I chose the black pair and anxiously awaited their arrival. When these came in the mail I was super excited to check them out. When I pulled them out of the package I had a mini panic attack because they looked tiny. I soon realized that this material stretches a lot and I had gotten worried for no reason. These pants are super soft and comfortable. The fabric that they are made of is called Supplex with Lycra, so they're very fitted and somewhat remind me of Spanx but comfortable and flattering. The design on these particular pair made me feel like it streamlined by body and lengthened the leg. The stitch work on the pants looked great and not questionable like some of the other pants I've seen out there. Based on what I've seen so far they look like they will be able to withstand lots of wear and tear.

The day that I wore these was spent doing a lot of different activities and I had no major issues throughout. I spent half the day lounging in them and that afternoon wore them for a yoga session and a 2.5 mile train run. The elasticity of the pants was great during yoga and the run. Throughout all the different movements it stretched easily without pulling and tugging. Another thing that I really liked is that they were breathable. I have a tendency to get super hot while running and I felt like these were great for dissipating heat and wicking sweat away from the body.

One issue that I saw with the products were that they do run a bit small. Next time I would probably order a size larger than what I got. I ordered a medium and usually wear around a size 4 or 6 and they were a bit smaller than I'd like. The main issue with them was that the inseam was shorter than I'd prefer (I had to pull them up a bit during my run because of the short inseam). I consider myself average to slightly tall (5'8" and around 130 lbs.) so be sure to consider ordering a size larger than normal if you purchase these products.

The price was also a bit steeper than I would like. They are definitely a step up from most products out there so you are paying for better quality, but I think that for some the price may be a deterrent. I have to say that if I had the extra money I would splurge for these pants though! There were so many different products in this line that caught my attention that I'll likely return back to see what else I may eventually get. I love the bright colors and designs and the quality materials make these pants that will last far longer than others. The next investment that I'm considering: a running skirt!

- Awesome designs and colors!
- Breathable material -- less dampness and overheating!
- Easy to clean (can do at home!)
- Comfortable and easy to move in material.
- Flattering & unique designs
- Long lasting material and craftsmanship

- Price a bit high
- Sizes run small (order a size larger than your normal)

Super cute packaging -- I enjoy the small touches!
A little more info on the Supplex with Lycra material (click for larger image)
Great stitching and quality

Pretty sweet design, huh?
This is about the time that I had a freak out moment about them fitting, but they fit and stretched comfortably - no pinching or sucking in required ;)
Washing directions - Machine wash cool
Daisy logo on the right booty 

Many thanks to Lisa Johnson and Activewear USA for giving me this opportunity!

Do you have a favorite workout related product or clothing item?