Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bumpdate: 36 weeks!

Guess What?! I hit 36 weeks today! Officially hit the 9 month mark and holy crap, that means Baby Boy is going to be here SOON! It blows my mind that if labor starts next week that they won't try to stop it. Eeek!!

Bumpdate Stats:

Weight Gain: About 28 pounds at 9 months. I was hoping to not gain anymore than 30 so we're getting close to that mark. I've honestly ate pretty well throughout the whole pregnancy and stay active at work. I was hoping to get some more workout's in, but by the time that I'm done with work, I'm pretty spent for the day and crash once I get home. I really can't wait to be active again and to have some energy after pregnancy. :)

Baby Size: Head of Romaine Lettuce (18 1/2 inches long and almost 6 pounds). At this point baby gains about an ounce a day.

What I've Been Eating: Little meals at a time because there's no room for much more. Still eating lots of peanut butter, fruits and veggies. Been digging nuts lately too. And of course lots of Turkey this week. :)

How I've Been Feeling: Tired and getting a bit more achy. Work kicks my butt when I stand all day (back aches). Still no swelling though so that's awesome! I feel like he's moved down lower so that's becoming uncomfortable to the point that it makes me wince at times. To be honest, for being 9 months pregnant I thought that I'd feel a lot worse so I'm pretty thankful.

Am I Showing Yet:  Duh.

I can't really tell if I've dropped...can you?
Any Other Symptoms: Occasional Braxton Hicks contractions and some insomnia. I think a lot of it has to deal with my work schedule kind of being all over the place (some days I work 1st shift and then others I'm working 2nd shift)

Best Moment of the Week: We had a great Thanksgiving with family. We had my parents over and Ryan's as well. It was great to not have to travel on the holidays like we have done for the last 10 years. Lots of great foods, company and celebrating. My sister got to feel the baby move too, so it was a pretty good feeling too. We also did lots of relaxing on our days off and Christmas decorating.
My sis and I
Ryan and my mom helping out in the kitchen and carving the bird.
The dads hanging out by the fireplace
The turkey apron my grandma made has been passed down to me. :) 
Anything Else: I have a work baby shower on Friday so that's really exciting. I feel so lucky and thankful to have my co-workers do this for me. I'm sure he'll be spoiled. :)  Also started my week OB visits this week. His heartbeat was strong and steady at 150. And we FINALLY told family what his name is going to be.

At this time next week there could be a baby?!?!?! WHOA! 

Any last minute labor and delivery tips that I need to know/remember?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Bumpdate: 32 weeks

Oh my gosh, I'm the worst at this. It's not that I don't think about it, it's just that I feel like I'm busy all the time and have NO energy, or need to conserve it to get other things done around here, especially before baby boy makes his appearance.

Bumpdate stats:

Weight Gain: I'm up about 25 pounds at a little over 8 months pregnant. It's literally all in my belly and boobs. I can still fit into a few pair of my non-maternity jeans if they are low rise. I know for some that is nearing the high end of the weight spectrum, but considering how small I was to begin with and the fact that I'm still active I'm not overly concerned, nor is my doctor.

Baby Size:  Squash (Average size: 15.2-16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lbs).  We've got an overachiever according to the last ultrasound though, but I'll get more into that later. ;)

What I've Been Eating:  I can finally eat chicken again as long as it's mixed in with other things. After almost 7 months of avoiding the one food I used to eat all the time it's great. Other than that I've been loving on salads with ranch dressing. And still loving on the sweets...I blame this all on Ryan and his sweet tooth which obviously is getting passed onto this kiddo. Greek yogurt with fresh fruit is another love. I can't get enough of it.

How I've Been Feeling: I still feel pretty good. The worst part is just the fatigue. At the end of every work day I HAVE to come home and take a nap to re-charge. Start to really feel it in my feet at the end of the day. I can't complain though considering it's taken this long to start to become uncomfortable. I'm thankful for that. He is moving around a lot still, but it's more shifting now than strong punches and kicks. It's insane to watch my stomach move around and lately he's been using my ribs as monkey bars with his feet and my cervix as a trampoline. No swelling yet and still have my wedding bands on. :)

Am I Showing Yet?: HA, yes, you could say that. The belly has fully popped! Although my fundal height is measuring behind and I get comments that I look about 5-6 months pregnant, not 8 months. My breast have also grown again...It's becoming darn nearly impossible to find a bra that fits. Thank goodness for sleep and sports bras.

Any Other Symptoms: A few Braxton Hicks contractions now and then. Also noticed a bit of milk leaking...oh joy! At least I know everything is working.

Best Moment of the Week:  We had an ultrasound this past week and it was the first one since our 20 week growth ultrasound. It was re-assuring because at my last OB appointment I was measuring behind on fundal measurement by a few weeks, but the ultrasound showed that he's actually about a week ahead in growth (weighing in at 4 pounds, 3 ounces already)! I'm wondering if our due date is going to change. The OB thought that I may measure behind because I have strong abdominal muscles so I may not 'show' as readily as some. Everything looks great for our baby boy and it's all becoming so much more real.

What Else Is Left To Do: We still need to finish the last of the nursery, but it's almost done (post pics when finished). I'll be sure to post pics soon. Need to finalize our birth plan too. I need to send out thank you cards from my family/friends baby shower, but keep forgetting to pick up stamps (which I hope to blog about soon)!
Thank you cards! SO thankful for my awesome family and friends
and how loved and spoiled this boy is already.
I came downstairs to see Mav breaking in the babies playmat.
I had to take it awaybefore he thinks that it's his.

 It's crazy to think that in a month it's pretty much go time and that he could make an appearance! Time seriously flew, I feel like we just shared the news.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 16

Holy smokes!? I'm 4 months along already tomorrow. Time is flyyyyying by! I can't believe that it's already halfway through July. It makes me a bit sad that summer is over halfway over already. Before we know it, there's gonna be snow on the ground and I'll be complaining and wishing for these hot days to be back.

My prego stats:

Weight gain: 6.4 pounds in the past 4 months. This is the time where the weight gain will start adding on a lot more aggressive as baby goes through growth spurts and my body preps for baby more. My bump definitely "popped" this week so now I look more pregnant than just bloated.

Baby size: Avocado (Average size: 3.53 oz and 4.57 in)

What I've been eating: Ridiculous amounts of water! I'm so thirsty all the time so I've been downing a ton each day. Digging watermelon lately, along with tomato & cucumber salad with italian dressing, and Better Made BBQ potato chips (seriously, the bbq chips ever). I could eat all of those every.single.day. Chicken is still not my favorite, but I can eat small amounts of it at a time.

How I've been feeling: Pretty good! Still tired after an early morning and long day at work so I'm still loving my daily naps. Sleeping at night is a little rough since sleeping on my stomach is becoming uncomfortable and this heat has been unbearable (heat index of 105 today). I'm getting more energy back though and finally went for a walk/jog the other day and it felt awesome to get out and moving again. Once this weather passes I'll be a lot more active again.

Am I Showing Yet?: Yep! Woke up the other morning with a baby bump! It's still small, but enough for people at work to notice. Definitely going to need to get some new pants sometime soon. Goodbye skinny jeans (for now...). Also, I'm pretty sure I'm feeling flutters of movement. I can only notice when laying and it's quiet and I'm specifically looking for them.

Don't mind my scrub-tastic self. It was my day off = lazy
Best Moment of the Week: Seeing close friends from college! It was so great to spend some time with those that I share so many awesome, fun and memorable moments from college with. I really hope that we can make it happen more often. :) Feeling the flutters is pretty cool too. We had another OB visit and the heart rate was at 160. The wives tales say girl, but I've heard that often it's not right. We'll know Aug 13th!
Baby B Heart Beat
Perfect Michigan sky after sunset

Some of my favorites
Hubs & I
Our gorgeous getaway "home".
Baby Prep/Goodies: We bought a crib! Target was having a big baby sale so we took advantage to save some money. Also bought a Pack N Play that came with a free bouncer. :)

Can't wait for the weekend to get here. Some outlet shopping, relaxing with Ryan, and cooler temps!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bumpdate: Week 13

We've officially made it to the second trimester (well according to most sources, although some say 14 weeks)! Woohoo! The risk of miscarriage has dropped significantly at this point so that's at least a little peace of mind.  All the support and well wishes that we have received the past week since announcing the pregnancy have been so overwhelming and appreciated. Baby B is already feeling all the love and support from family and friends.

My Prego Stats:

Weight Gain: Grand total so far: 3 lbs! Although I have to say that it feels/looks like more. I think it's bloat and my uterus shifting around in there because it's definitely moved up.

Baby Size: Peach (Average size: 2.9 inches, .81 oz.)

What I've Been Eating:  Food is finally tasting good again. For the last couple of weeks nothing had been appealing and I've been eating only for the sake of eating for the most part. This week my appetite has come back with a vengeance. It's so bad that I woke up at 3AM starving last night and had to have a midnight snack. I've finally ate chicken again for the first time in 2 months, but still not really digging it. I've been eating a ton of peaches, nectarines, peanut butter, bacon, pasta and beef.  And my sweet tooth, is rocking out in full force. This baby is already taking after it's daddy with a wicked sweet tooth.

A smorgasbord of everything! 
Balsamic pork, amish macaroni salad, mini salad
Bacon, spinach, tomato, & avocado sandwich --thee best! 
How I've Been Feeling:  I'm beginning to have energy again.  I still feel the need for a daily nap and have been pretty lazy, but I've been able to at least be a bit more productive this week. My nausea is nearly gone, unless I wait too long to eat. A little bit of dizziness too, which is likely from my super low blood pressure that's gotten worse since becoming pregnant.

Am I Showing Yet: I think I'm starting to show a bit, but most people would think I just ate a few too many donuts. It's that weird stage right now where I look like I just stopped caring about eating/working out instead of prego. I look forward to the days when it's more apparent.

Best Moment of the Week: 3 days off in a row!! Work wears me out hardcore lately so I love having these days off. So nice to lounge and take it easy. Another awesome thing? I called my insurance today to find out more information today about our pre and post-natal care, and everything will be covered 100%! We have no out of pocket expenses so that is a huge relief! :)

Here's a few ultrasound pics from week 11:

Kind of weird, but you can see the orbits where the eyes are, along with jawline and ears.
All nestled in.
I have lots of fun house updates coming up soon. Hope to get to that tomorrow! :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Super Exciting Announcement!

Hi friends! I know that it's been forever since I've posted anything, BUT I have a really good excuse this time:

Yup, we're expecting and SUPER excited about it. Baby B is expected around New Years 2014 (due date: Jan 2, 2014)!

The past couple of months I've been pretty sleepy so any spare time was basically spent napping on the couch and sipping on some Vernors. I'm so thankful to say that I'm finally starting to feel better, able to eat something other than noodles and beginning to get active again. Yahoo!

It's still kind of surreal to us. I think seeing the ultrasound sealed the deal seeing the baby squirming all around in there (Ryan likes to say that it's break dancing). And the fact that my pants are getting a bit tight and there's a tiny, little baby belly starting already. Whoa!

I can't believe we've made a human. That's exciting, terrifying, and awesome all at the same time. I'm sure it's going to be a very interesting journey that we'll be sharing with you all.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

An Easy Way to Improve Your Health - Meatless Monday!

As much as I love a sizzling steak now and then, I do try to be conscious of how much meat that we eat and make efforts to add more meatless options to our menu. At first I had difficulty with finding meals that were satisfying and filling, but over time I have accumulated a rather extensive collection of recipes that have become new favorites.

Meatless Monday is a great public health campaign that has been gaining momentum for years. The premise of Meatless Monday is to reduce your meat consumption by not eating meats on Mondays. By participating weekly you reduce your meat intake by 15% which has huge effects on your personal health and the health of the planet.

Below are a few health benefits of going meatless once a week as suggested on the Meatless Monday website:

- Limit Cancer Risk: Diets rich in fruits and vegetables have been found to reduce cancer risks. Diets high in meats has been found to be associated with some cancers.
- Reduce Heart Disease: Replacing saturated fat-rich foods (meat and high dairy fat) with foods that are rich in polyunsaturated fats (veggie oils, seeds, and nuts) can reduce heart disease risk by 19%.
- Fight Diabetes: High consumption of red and processed meats can potentially increase the risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
- Curb Obesity: Studies have shown that people with low meat intake or vegans have lower body mass indices and lower body weight.
- Live Longer: Red and processed meat consumption is linked to higher mortality rates, cardiovascular disease and cancer mortality.
- Improve Your Diet: Consuming more beans results in a higher intake of fiber, protein and other nutrients. Increase in vegetable and fruit consumption ("eat the rainbow") will also add more nutrients and have lower calorie per density than meats.

Source: Mom Favorites

Meat has the largest impact on the environment that any other food that we eat. Livestock consume a large amount of food and water, while also using immense amounts of land and energy to raise and transport.

Below is what goes into just one quarter pound of ground beef:
Source: NPR.org 
For even more information check out this infographic (click to see larger):

Do you participate in Meatless Mondays? 

My plan for the next few months is to photo and post some of my favorites meatless meals to share. Hopefully some of you will find them helpful. I'd love to hear about some of your favorite meatless meals too so please share your favorites! 

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Egg-ceptional Breakfast: Egg & Veggie Quiche Muffins

I'm always looking for quick breakfast options, especially for those dreaded mornings when I have to get up at 5:15 to be to work. On those early mornings I kept finding myself either:

a.) Skipping breakfast
b.) Buying unhealthy options at work (cheese & bacon loaded omelets)

Both options are unhealthy, and the second was also lightening my wallet and leaving me feeling slowed down at work the rest of the day. I knew that the only way I was going to stop that cycle was to have a quick option to choose from in the morning that required little to no time and effort. That's where these come in:

Egg and Veggie Quiche Muffins:

- 10 eggs (may substitute with egg whites if preferred)
- Turkey Bacon
- Oil Spray
- 2 cups veggies (I used bell pepper, onion, spinach - you could use just about anything you have)
- Minced garlic
- Low fat mozzarella cheese

- Preheat over to 375 degrees Fahrenheit.
- Spray a muffin tin with oil spray to prevent sticking.
- In medium bowl, whisk eggs and garlic.
- Add the chopped veggies to the egg mixture and stir well.
- Line each muffin mold with one slice of turkey bacon (wrap it in a circle in the mold).
- Use a ladle to add the egg and veggie mixture. Fill each tin mold only 2/3 of the way because the egg mixture will expand once cooked.
- Add a small sprinkle of mozzarella cheese to the top of each cup.
- Bake for 30 minutes or until slightly browned (you may want to put baking sheet under muffin tin in case of overflow).


These reheat very easily in the microwave and are great served with a piece of fruit or a slice of toast. Quick, easy and healthy breakfast option for those mornings you really don't feel like cooking. What I like most about this recipe is that it makes multiple servings at a time and since the bacon is on the edge of the pan it get's nice and crispy too!

Friday, February 22, 2013

How Are Your New Year's Resolutions Going?

It has been almost two months since the start of 2013. How are your resolutions going so far? Have you hit that "21 days to form a habit" point yet?

Source: them.
I've been sticking to mine pretty well, except for one of my large ones, "Blog once a week (at least)."
I've been failing hardcore on this one, which is ironic considering I wrote it on my blog. So thanks to Rob over at Rob Complains About Things for pointing out that I'm slacking on my resolutions.

Aside from the obvious, all my others are rocking out pretty good so far.

- Read 40 Books: I've knocked out 5 pretty stellar books so far, and am about to finish the 6th today (Hitman's Guide to Housecleaning...twisted and entertaining read). So I'm about 17% through that goal. Any good recommendations for some books to add to the list? 
- Swear Less: I'm trying to think before speaking a bit more instead of running out the mouth.
- Run a 10k: This one hasn't happened because apparently Mother Nature wants to torture me with more winter weather. So over it, but have been logging some solid gym and yoga time to keep in shape and build muscle and endurance.
- Get my 5k PR under 25 minutes: Will be a work in progress come spring and the above should help. I hate the dreadmill so until weather gets warmer that one will be put off a bit.
- Work toward being able to accomplish yoga inversions: Wham, Bam, I'm smacking this one outta the park! Pretty pumped at how I've been able to nail this one. #YogaADay, #InversionArmy, and #BalanceARMy on Instagram have been awesome for inspiration on this one.

- Blog once a week - FAIL. But I'm hoping to make some changes. I miss the catharsis that writing brings so I need to make this a priority. I need to stop nit picking and just write again.

Let me know how your resolutions have been going! Have you found anything or someone that  motivates you to keep going? It's never too late to start or begin again.

(Source: drowned-in-daydreams, via ego-x-deactivated20130119)

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Did you make New Year's Resolution's?

It's ten days into the new year and if you've made New Years resolutions they're likely going strong or the urge to complete them is starting to wane. I've never been a person that thought that the beginning of the New Year was the only time set resolutions and goals, but I do enjoy having the feeling of a fresh start.

A few of my resolutions and goals for this year are:

- Read 40 books (I'm on Goodreads if you'd like to follow and join the yearly challenge)
- Swear less (my potty mouth sometimes get the best of me).
- Run a 10k (I'd really love to a Tough Mudder as well, but one thing at a time).
- Get my 5k PR under 25 minutes.
- Work toward being able to accomplish yoga inversions.
- Blog once a week (at least).

So far...it's been going pretty well. I've already finished two books, signing up for the Pot O'Gold Fun Run Walk (4 miles so working towards getting to that 10k and hopefully working on speed at the same time), and have been actively working towards yoga inversions (finally can do Salamba Sirsasana - supported headstand - one of these days I'll get to the handstand).

I find that making a plan and sharing goals with others makes it easier to accomplish your resolutions. The world of social media has been great for providing a huge source of motivation and accountability, along with a enormous plethora of information and knowledge. I try to create a plan of action so that I am actively taking steps to reach my goals. And most importantly, pick a resolution that you truly want to accomplish. I think too often, people choose their resolution(s) based on what those around them want. If it's something you really aren't invested in and that isn't truly important to you it's not likely you'l achieve it or you'll hate working towards it. 

Did you make resolutions this year? 
What's the one thing that you truly want to accomplish?

Monday, January 7, 2013

Better Late Than Never - 2012 Review

I know that we all rang in the New Year a week ago, but life's been busy so I'm just now getting to thinking about all that has happened in the past year and deciding on my resolutions and goals for the new year. I honestly cannot believe that it's already 2013. I feel like the past year FLEW by.

This past year was a crazy one for us. When I think back about everything that happened I can't believe it was only one year. Some of these things feel like they have forever ago already.

Below is a monthly recap of the events of 2012 (to remind myself f things that happened I did what any normal 80's child does --- reference Facebook to remember my own life -lol):

January -
- We spent the early hours of the New Year ringing celebrating in Detroit at the Resolution Ball with a couple of our closest friends. Such a good time and upbeat way to begin the year.
- I left my job of the past 4 years at the pharmacy and started my internship as a Public Health and Wellness Intern at Central Michigan University - University Recreation. I spent the next 4 months at this internship and met so many great and inspiring people in my time there and was able to gain so much real world experience. There were so many programs that I helped with and planned in the next few months. It was really bittersweet leaving my job at the pharmacy because of having to leave the friends that I made there. I still would love to get together with them all soon for a girls weekend/night. We also went from a 2 income household, to a one person since my internship was unpaid.

-We put our house on the market which was really nerve-wracking! It was tough because we had no idea what we would do during that time if our house sold because we had no other home to live in yet and I still had my internship to finish (ended beginning of May). We listed the house with a realtor and also posted it on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, made it's own Facebook page and literally told everyone we knew. 
- I worked with Bry at my internship and helped her with planning programs for the month for CMU's campus dealing with healthy relationships and body image. 
- We began looking at houses downstate which was stressful because we lived 2 hours away and they were flying off the market. 
www.Operationbeautiful.com on Central Michigan University campus

-Continued house hunting, but took a bit of a hiatus since we couldn't really buy until someone bought our house. 
- Rodney Atkins and Gloriana concert - we met them both
- This was my big month at my internship for all my nutrition based programs. I had a total of 22 events throughout the month so it was busy. 
- Someone was interested in our house! Ryan actually knew him from the gym so we showed him the house (sans our realtor) and worked out a deal. We began the paperwork and managed to work a deal for a lower commission with our realtor since we did most the work and this was great because he wanted to move in at the beginning of June. It was a relief to sell the house without losing a profit.

April - 
-Organized a fun run and walk 5k at my internship. It was a dreadful, wet and cold day, but we still had fun.
- We found a house to buy, put an offer in and THEY ACCEPTED. Such a relief because we were beginning to be really stressed about it. The only problem...they weren't ready to move out until later summer and we moved end of May...
- Finished my internship.
- Packed. And Packed. And Packed. I never want to move again.
New Home!

May -

- Moved! We actually moved to my parents for the next 7 weeks because we couldn't move into our new house yet. We still didn't even know what day we would be able to move in. We stored everything at my parent's in their huge garage, and lived in a camper in the driveway. Lol. We're lucky to have had a place to live that short period of time because with a dog and not knowing how long we'd be there we had no way of getting an apartment. So a big THANKS to my parent's for really helping us out in a bind. Ryan worked everyday on my parents inside porch area. So thankful he has a job that allows him to work anywhere as this made life a little less stressful.
- I read....a LOT. Since I didn't have a job yet, I spent a lot of time reading, enjoying family and started running a lot. 
Spent a lot of time reading in my mom's gardens.

June - 
- Continued living at my parent's while beginning to job search.
- Signed closing paperwork for the house so officially homeowners again. 
-Anxiously waiting to find out our move in date (drove us crazy)
- Mid month I was trail running and sprained my mid foot terribly on a tree root. I couldn't walk for weeks without pain. Still 6 months later and I can feel it at times. SUCKS! I was so upset for awhile.
- Tiger's game with friends.
Ugh, so bruised and swollen.
Digging the 70's decor in our camper aka home for the summer.

July - 
-Still waited forever to find our move in date....finally moved in Mid July. The move went smooth, but of courses it was the hottest day of the summer. 
- Lots of house projects.
-Camping with friends.
- Finally found a job! I began at McLaren Medical Center at the end of July working in their pharmacy.

August - 
-Transitioning to new home and getting unpacked
- Training in new job.
- We went on a roadtrip with one of my girlfriends from college, her boyfriend and their couple friend and went to West Virginia to go rock climbing. It was amazing! I loved every second of it and would do it again in a heartbeat. More about it here.
-Celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. Ryan surprised us with Jason Mraz tickets. Love seeing him live. 

- Life finally started slowing down. We just enjoyed our new home. Worked on some small house projects, but nothing huge.
- Renaissance Festival with the hubby

October - 
-Run4Wine Race
- Ryan landed a great client for his personal business. So thankful for how hard of a worker he is. :) He's done so well with his side business, and balancing that with his full time job. I don't think I know anyone else who works as hard as he does.

November - 
-Ryan totally surprised me with a surprise 30th birthday party! I had NO idea. He got our closest friends together at Lucky Strike in Novi and we spent the night catching up and bowling. I loved it! 
- We spent a lot of time working on our living room area and I blogged about it here
- I worked Thanksgiving so that was lame.
- Started doing yoga again, and joined the #yogaaday movement.

December - 
-I have no idea where this month went. I worked a lot, baked a ton and prepped for Christmas.
- Spent Christmas eve my father in laws, Christmas day with my parents, large family get together and then a calm evening in for New Years Eve. After the whirlwind year we wanted to ring in the next calmly. 
My darling sister
Brother in law
My parents and Ryan :)

I expect that 2013, may be a bit calmer at first, but will likely end in a whirlwind. That's okay with me, calm can be boring so bring it on 2013. I'm really looking forward to spending this new year getting more settled and for everything that's to come. I have a good feeling about this one. :) 

Next post...resolutions and goals.

Was 2012 a crazy year for you? What moment stands out the most?