Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Post-Holiday & Detox

What an insane Fourth of July weekend! This past weekend two of our closest friends got married! It was such a great time and my husband and I were both honored to be part of such a special day.  We’re so happy that these two have finally tied the knot and can’t wait for all the amazing times that we will share in the future (the groom is one of Ryan’s best college buddies and I’ve known the bride through high school and college).

The wedding was great (aside from the heat and humidity that had us dripping sweat during the ceremony and pictures –haha) . It was one of the first time in years (since our wedding in 2009) that we finally had most of our college friends together again.  It’s times like these that I cherish, especially now that it doesn’t seem to happen often enough.  I can’t wait for the day that we are all living closer together again.  I’m even more excited when we all have families that we can watch grow together. 

5 of the bridesmaids and the beautiful bride (there were 2 more girls).
The whole CMU gang!

The hubby & I, sweaty after busting a move or two on the dance floor

Loved the cupcakes at the rehearsal dinner.
Wedding wine basket we made for special occasions. I'm
pretty proud of how this turned out with handmade tags
and poems for each occasion (1st fight, anniversary, baby & Christmas).

The rest of our weekend was spent watching fireworks at Soaring Eagle Casino, which were amazing, like always and tubing down the Chippewa and getting entirely too much sun (ouch!).
Stunning Michigan sunset as we waited for fireworks.
Waiting on the hill for fireworks to start
The gorgeous Chippewa River. So great for a relaxing float.


The excess of pretty much everything (wine, sweets, fast foods, sun, etc.) this past weekend has me feeling a bit less that stellar.  I’m feeling just blah – no energy, dull, pants tighter syndrome, and just all over icky.  I’m planning on taking the next two weeks to hit it hard and really stick to eating well and treating my body right.

This includes:
  • Getting back into my running routine (especially important with Warrior Dash at the end of the month) – Ideally 3 times a week/3 miles each time. 
  • No fast food/eating out
  • Lots more veggies/fruit – I think my body forgot what those are.
  • No wine/beer/alcohol – My stomach has been so jacked up since I’ve had alcohol…it’s terrible.
  • Lots and lots and lots of water & very little caffeine – Definitely feel the need to flush my body of all the crap from the last week. 
  • Reduce sweets and salty foods
Do you have any tips to add? How do you get back to normal after an over-indulgent holiday? How are you feeling after the past weekend?


  1. I am definitely right there with you. Now that we're moved, I'm hoping life can resume to normal. I did take a 1.25 mile walk at 5:30 this a.m. Not great, but it was a start.

  2. I am still on vacation! It's always so hard to eat right on the holidays. I did at least exercise. But all that means is more room for calories and alcohol! Sheesh. I may steal l your list for my detox when I get home

  3. Aww! You look gorgeous Amber! And what a lovely color for the dresses. I'm glad you were able to see all your friends again and had a lovely weekend. :) Good luck with the warrior dash and training. My body totally forgets what they have. (I am TERRIBLE buying strawberries lately and then not eating them before they go bad. This is my second back. My sweet tooth is not playing very fair...) I'm been trying to substitute iced tea (usually half and half) with soda. It's been going well so far, until my food store decided to stop stocking it up. PUNKS! My only tip is to make sure to get proper levels of sleep and take your vitamins. :)

  4. @Missy
    It's a great start! Sometimes the hardest part is just getting yourself out the door and doing it. Once I start doing it, it's never that bad.

  5. @A love for Arts and Sciences
    Holidays are the toughest! I think it's always hardest when you aren't in your norm or at your own home.

  6. @Sandy
    Aww, thanks so much! It was such a fun day!